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Here you will find a unique book for single ladies, Seven Single Women of the Bible. Allow me to introduce you to the unique single Bible ladies you will meet!

  • Join the Queen of Sheba as she travels across the land in pursuit of Heavenly wisdom.
  • Sit with Mary of Bethany at the feet of Jesus and learn of Him.
  • Learn withMarthathe proper attitude of service for Christ.
  • Lift up your voice with the daughters of Heman in a song of praise to the Lord.
  • If you are going through a time of suffering, the woman who touched Jesus’ robewill bring a special blessing to you.
  • Labor alongside the daughters of Shallum as they build protecting walls around God’s people.
  • From Achsah’s relationship with her father, learn to deepen your own relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Presenting timeless truths in a new and refreshing way, this book will be a blessing and an inspiration to single women and married women alike.

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